How is life without Remote Desktop control?

How is life without Remote Desktop control?

No one doubts that we are currently more and more relying on technology & rigid IT systems to enable us to do our work more efficiently. These systems sometimes face technical issues related to access, cabling, server downtime & many other issues.

Therefore, engineers & technical support teams need to perform regular checks on the systems which require logging in the system & fixing the issue.

Can you imagine a single engineer planning to fix issues at 10-15 schools in a district? Or an IT technical support team with 1000 open service tickets providing on-site manual technical support? That is almost impossible without the hassle of frequent travelling along with the wasted time/money behind that.

Why is it a good idea to use a remote desktop plug-in?

The quick answer is efficiency & cost. If you have remote control over the systems, you can simply log in your clients’ servers to analyze & resolve problems with almost no cost since you technically didn’t move from your seat. You can have full control over any desktop remotely as long as you have secure access.

What are the real benefits of the remote desktop for an ITSM system?

1-     Fast Issue Resolution                                                                                                                                    You can have all the technical issues resolved from the comfort of your chair.
2-     Flexibility to connect anywhere
Control remotely through any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) via a securely enabled portal.
3-     Security
Once the tech engineer connects to a device and takes over control, the user will be notified & actually watching the full session. Sessions are encrypted and logged for auditing follow up.
4-     Communication
Training a colleague or a successor will be much more efficient via tools to chat, draw, and/or demonstrate.

What are the Remote-Control main features?

1-     Communication with users
Using chat, screensharing and drawing capabilities while also having full control over the users’ devices helps demonstrate & educate users on how issues can be resolved. 
2-     Security
IT admins have the ability to only remotely control the devices that they’re assigned to manage. Once the tech engineer connects to a device and takes over control, the user will be notified & actually watching the full session. 
3-     Auditing
Auditing reports about the remote-control sessions provide additional safety. 
4-     Additional Helpful Actions
Transferring files, launching apps & programs on the device, or even rebooting it if needed.

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