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Quick and easy to implement, our helpdesk solution is an online service management tool dedicated to Customer services (After Sales Service, Hotline…), IT Service Providers, Software Publishers and internal services needing to respond to questions, incidents or support requests. Thanks to SimplyDesk, your customer service is perfectly operational, responsive and accessible anytime, anywhere.

In simplyDesk’s helpdesk solution, the customers’ requests are transformed into tickets which are then assigned to the support team to be tracked, handled and closed in accordance with service agreements.

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6 good reasons to use Simplydesk!

  • Web based (Cloud) or On-premise

  • Quick and user-friendly set-up

  • Intuitive interface

  • Improved communication

  • Relevant Statistical Data

  • SLA and billable interventions Management

Efficient and simple Helpdesk solution.

For your (internal or external) customers, it is a responsive service. They ask their questions and they get a quick response.

For the helpdesk solution support team, it is a central, fast, and effective software, accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device, handling customers’ requests.

For the manager, it is a useful follow-up of the customer service quality thanks to relevant and clear statistics.

Helpdesk Incidents Management

Manage your tickets effectively to better handle customers’ incidents and requests

  • Ticketing: Client portal enabling the entry and tracking of requests and incidents
  • Multi-Channel communication: Source of requests can be diverse (web portal, phone, email, Live Chat, verbal).
  • Service Contract Management (SLA): According to the priorities (impact, urgency), the request and resolution deadlines can be defined by the administrator. Powerful filters identify services requests and incidents approaching their SLA deadlines.
  • History and tracking: The management of requests and incidents is tracked over time
  • Categories: identify the various types of requests to better understand customers’ needs and problems

The benefits of our Helpdesk Solution Simplydesk: easy to use, multi-channel communication, service contract management (SLA)


Customer account management

Your customer support management is centralized in a single interface

  • A CSV import of customers and users makes the application almost immediately operational.
  • For every company, we manage the sites and organization.
  • The language, calendar and time zone settings are customizable for each customer.
  • The link with Active Directory makes it possible to automatically create customers and users.

The benefits of Simplydesk: multi-company, multi-site, site organization management, internationalization


Support team management

Your helpdesk solution support teams are organized by field of expertise to better meet customers’ requests.

  • Assign roles to your Agents and manage them by team
  • Define your hotline’s working hours for a better consideration of service contracts (SLA)
  • Assign tickets according to the Agent’s fields of expertise.
  • Access to requests according to the rights of every Agent
  • Notification of every action by e-mail

The benefits of Simplydesk: Sending requests according to the Agent roles and notifications.



SimplyDesk is the solution for improved internal or external communication

  • Notification of each action sent to customers and agents, by email (creation, assignment, tickets modifications, comments, closing and reopening of tickets)
  • Notifications for the tasks and urgent matters to be handled
  • Responses linked to each ticket

The benefits of Simplydesk: Multi-channel, email notifications for each action, responses linked to each ticket



Every user’s profile (customer, agent, supervisor, administrator) has an interface adapted to their needs.

  • Status: Organize your tickets by status to ensure they are in line with your priorities
  • Statistics: Track requests related to your own users by displaying relevant statistics
  • Communication: Share information regarding the availability of your Support team (working hours, support team contact information)
  • Customization: tailor the software to match your company colors or that of your customers (logo, web portal title).

The benefits of Simplydesk: easy to use, multi-channel communication, service contract management (SLA)


Relevant performance indicators make it possible to run your hotline and continuously improve it

Simplydesk enables:

  • measuring customer satisfaction
  • measuring the performance of the Support team
  • obtaining customizable progress reports
  •  show relevant statistical information on scoreboards according to the needs of every type of user (customer, agent, supervisor, administrator).
  • The partition of tickets according to the source, category, Support team, or individual agent.
  • The distribution of requests according to the company, location, or company department
  • The distribution of tickets according to the priorities set by the Support team
  • Service contracts compliance by the Support team

The benefits of Simplydesk: measure customer satisfaction, the performance of the Support staff, the source and distribution of requests by customer and service contract compliance.


Active Directory Link

Increase productivity by automatically creating users and activating the Single Sign-on

  • Multi-AD: Create an equal number of models as domains or ADs. The models make it possible to map the AD fields with the SimplyDesk fields.
  • Automatically assign PCs to users
  • Benefit from the SSO and connect automatically to the application without having to sign in
  • Plan automatic user updates.

The benefits of Simplydesk: Eliminate the repetitive and tedious tasks of creating users and assigning PCs and benefit from the SSO.


Service catalog

Improve your support requests and production launch processes in compliance with ITIL best practices

  • Management of all types of requests (purchase of equipment, installation, training, service provision…) through the catalog of products.
  • Self-service portal similar to an “online shop”
  • According to the request type, you can customize:
    • Description forms to be completed
    • Validation workflows (validation of requests by one or several individuals)
    • Process workflows (applying the SLA and assigning tasks to Agents according to expertise)
  • Catalog of products linked with stock and order management

The benefits of Simplydesk: Improve communication with your customers, accelerate processing and production speed according to the SLA and reduce costs.


Service Contracts

Define customer service contracts, view the customer timesheet history and generate the list of billable interventions.

  • Service contracts take into account:
    • The type of service (package, time spent, number of tickets)
    • The cost, duration and notice period
  • The link between the module and the service contract makes it possible to know:
    • If the technical intervention is covered by the contract or if it requires invoicing
    • What remains on the contract (i.e. if there is a time credit, every ticket handled will reduce it)
  • Improved planning for contracts and their renewal.
  • Improved management of customers, SLAs compliance and their profitability.

The benefits of Simplydesk: Improve customer follow-up, service quality as part of your service agreements and profitability through accurate invoicing.


Multi-Brand - Multiproduct

Personalize your HelpDesk according to your brands or products.

Manage your diverse brands (example: a Group made up of several companies) and products (example: a software publisher selling a wide range of software) in order to provide your customers with a customized tool.

For each of your brands or products, customize:

  • The management of email senders
  • The Self-service portal to comply with your logo and graphic charter
  • Your tickets to take into account specificities related to each ticket
  • The Knowledge base for more personalized information
  • Your service and product catalog

The benefits of Simplydesk: Personalize the management and processing of tickets according to your brands and improve efficiency.


Computer Telephony Integration

Improve the working comfort and the productivity of your employees/Customers by directly coupling your HelpDesk with your IP telephony

  • IP telephony link
  • Automatically display user details when answering incoming calls from your internal and external customers
  • Call your internal and external customers directly from the ticket interface without dialling the number
  • Synchronize contacts between Simplydesk (via the AD) and your telephony IP tool

The benefits of Simplydesk: Boost productivity by integrating your IP telephony into your HelpDesk and improve your company image through better customer reception.

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