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IT Service Companies

Over 27 years, PCI has developed a network of partners in IT Service Companies in France and abroad, with the primary aim of marketing Simplydesk.

Be a part of our mission to revolutionize the IT industry and drive meaningful change, as a valued partner of our dynamic and collaborative team.

You work in the IT field, you are a service company, an outsourcer, an integrator, a distributor, a business provider,….

You work in the field of inventory management and movable asset management

Become a partner and take advantage of our innovative solutions to develop new service offerings and grow your revenue.

Types of IT service companies partnership

We have three partnership programs :

IT service companies business contributor :

– Your customers/ prospects/ acquaintances are looking for an ITSM (Helpdesk) software, an Inventory and/or Asset Management Software and you do not wish to be directly involved in the business process :
– Please send us the contact details of the prospects, and we will handle the business process from A to Z.
– You receive a commission; a percentage of total sales.

Reseller :

– You deal in ITSM and Asset Management software, and you want to develop a comprehensive service offering available to both customers and prospects via our software package SimplyDesk .
– You want to obtain commercial knowledge without necessarily managing the technical aspect? This is the type of partnership you need.

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