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 IT asset inventory software SimplyScan, an agentless inventory module, is designed to automatically detect and scan IP devices (PC, Servers, and SNMP devices) connected to the network. Enjoy the benefits of a complete, reliable and up-to-date inventory of your hardware and software infrastructure around the clock.

The Network Inventory Software SimplyScan boost productivity thanks to the Scan&GO Concept enabling you to use SimplyDesk without preliminary configuration or inventory.

  • Automatic detection and inventory of PCs and SNMP devices
  • Automatic creation of scanned devices in the Asset managment module
  • With Active Directory, create users, their location and assign to workstations to them (PCs, Screen, Printer)
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7 good reasons to use our IT asset inventory software SimplyScan!

  • An IT asset inventory easy to implement

  • A multi-company, multi-site and multi-network scan

  • Automatic agentless inventory of your IT infrastructure

  • Automatic creation of workstations (PCs, Monitors, Printers)

  • Automatic allocation to users through Active Directory

  • Display of installed hardware and software components

  • Proactive alerts for detected changes between two scan sessions

Network Inventory Software Simplydesk

Set up Your Application in a Few Minutes

SimplyScan was designed for a particularly simple, fast and efficient implementation

  • Saas mode frees you from the constraints of a technical installation.The IT asset inventory application can then be accessed immediately via our secure platform.
  • The scan service performs automatic and agentless inventory, taking just a few minutes to install.

SimplyScan benefits: Obtain usable results in a just a few minutes.

IT Asset Inventory

Agentless Scan

SimplyDesk will automatically detect installed devices, including software and hardware components without the need to install an agent.

  • Accurate display of hardware and software components installed on PCs and servers.
  • Display of SNMP network devices.

SimplyScan benefits: A user-friendly technology not requiring preliminary installation on workstations

IT Asset Inventory

A Multi-Company and Multi-Network Scan

In just a few minutes install as many scanning consoles (SimplyBox) as needed for your customers or individual networks.

  • Automatically run and centralize your inventories.
  • Whether you choose SimplyScan in Saas or On-Premise mode, the integrated scan services at various sites communicate securely with SimplyDesk’s SQL Server database.

SimplyScan benefits: A user-friendly technology not requiring preliminary installation on workstations

IT Asset Inventory

Automatically Create Your Devices and View Modifications

Scanned devices are automatically created in the SimplyAsset module and PCs are assigned to users through Active Directory.

  • creation of scanned devices: (PC, Laptops, Servers, Virtual machines, Network devices)
  •  creation of monitors and printers connected to computers
  • Automatic allocation to users through Active Directory
  • Proactive alerts for detected changes between two scan sessions
  • Display of IP devices connected to the network

SimplyScan benefits: Significant boost in productivity by automatically creating scanned devices and assigning them to users.

IT Asset Inventory

Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Improve your productivity and information security to become more proactive

  • Enhanced IT service productivity: data is automatically updated without the need to travel to the various sites to perform inventory. CMDB data is consistent and reliable.
  • Increase your information security: it identifies any devices connected to the network and software installed on the PC.
  • End-user service: Customizable alerts make you more proactive

SimplyScan benefits: Improve your productivity and information security to become more proactive

IT Asset Inventory

Active Directory Link

Boost productivity by automatically assigning workstations to users.

  • Automatically assign desktops to users (CPU and connected devices such as Monitors and Printers).
  • Automatically manage changes to PC allocation: your IT assets are automatically updated, including at your remote sites.
  • Multi-AD: Create an equal number of models as domains or ADs. The models make it possible to map the AD fields with the SimplyDesk fields.
  • Automatically create and update your company’s or customers’ users.
  • Take advantage of the SSO and automatically access to application.

SimplyScan benefits: Eliminate the repetitive and tedious tasks of creating users and assigning PCs

IT Asset Inventory

Proactive Alerts Management

Boost responsiveness and productivity by keeping up-to-date on any changes detected in your IT infrastructure.

  • Scan alerts:
    • Monitor changes (connection/disconnection of monitors)
    • Software changes (Installation and uninstallation of software)
    • Component changes (processor, memory, keyboard, mouse)
    • Local printers changes (connection/disconnection of monitors)
    • User assignment changes (automatic according to the last detected user)
    • Licence non-compliance (the detected licenses no longer correspond with the number of authorized installations)
    • Low disk spaces (when a partition has less than 10% free disk space)
    • Devices that have not been scanned for a long period of time (according to personalized configuration)
  • Advance notice:
    • On contracts, renewals
  • Financial alerts:
    • Late delivery orders

Minimum stock threshold reached

  • List of equipment to be renewed

SimplyScan benefits: Enhance IT Service productivity and end-user service

IT Asset Inventory
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