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HelpDesk and IT Asset Management



A single integrated tool designed to manage IT assets, Helpdesk and inventory computer assets (PCs, Servers, Network devices).

Simply Benefits

Automatic and agentless network inventory

Automatically identify the devices connected to your network and its users without installing an agent.

Simplydesk Benefits

“Simply” yet powerful

SimplyDesk was designed for an easy and simple implementation.

SimplyDesk has powerful features and settings without compromising on performance.

User/Customer Portal

Your users become more autonomous via access to ticket data, equipment, the knowledge base and the service catalog.

Simply Benefits

An intuitive interface

The simple and user-friendly interface makes you want to use SimplyDesk.  You can customize it according to your graphic charter.

An intuitive interface

Multi-channel Communication

Stay connected from a computer, a tablet, a smartphone whether you are in or out of the office, add new tickets and query the IT assets database.

Service catalog

Boost performance by letting users and customers know about products and services you provide.

Service Catolog


Manage all your customers and companies using a single tool:

  • Unique database and interface containing various modules
  • Agent profile: according to their role and rights, Agents can have restricted access to customer requests.

Available in SAAS or in ON-PREMISE

SimplyDesk lets you choose the purchase or hosting mode most suitable for your company. In SAAS mode, you use a service and focus on your business needs and are invoiced on a monthly or annual basis.

In ON-PREMISE mode, you purchase a lifetime license and you host your application and data on your own server.

Available in SAAS or in On- Premise


Stay connected anywhere in the world: add new tickets and access SimplyDesk via any Internet connection.


Optimized communication

Use the interface management to send automatic notifications to customers, users and agents by email, SMS or personalized alert.

Optimized Communication

Advanced statistics

Measuring your customers’ satisfaction,  your Support team’s performance, the source and details of customer requests, service contract compliance, asset breakdown and non-compliant software is simple and fast.

Advanced Statistics
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