FAQ Simplydesk

With simplydesk, IT support customer ticket will respond to all requests and improve your response time.

IT support customer ticket


How to evolve the options ?

– You can evolve your options at any time. Just ask us. The simulator will help you in this choice.

How does the trial version work ?

For now, it is not possible to create a custom account.

– You therefore have access to the trial database that is common to everyone accessing the application. – By default, you have 3 access profiles.

User: simple requestor.
Agent: Anyone from the support team. His profile allows him to solve tickets assigned to his team.
Admin: all rights in the configuration, setting and processing of tickets

Once you’ve logged in to the application, you can customize the module and create your users, your company

How to order ?

– We offer monthly or yearly billing. You can pay by bank transfer or check.

Should I make a long-term commitment ?

– No, the service is monthly and you can stop it whenever you want (excluding prepayment of 1 year).

Difference between SAAS version and ON-PREMISE mode?

– The SAAS version is hosted on our cloud infrastructure accessible on the web. There is no need to install the software on your servers in your company. You pay for a service.

IT support customer ticket

What is an agent ?

– An agent is anyone on the support team who will process the requests of your users. Each agent must have a personal account and will be counted towards the cost of the service.
– They have access to two features in the application: Agent Homepage (ticket list) and the agent ticket form (More complex than the customer ticket form).
– The visibility of tickets depends on the role they are attached to, there are three different roles for agents.

What is a Basic Agent ?

– The Basic agent can see the tickets for which he is responsible and the tickets that are assigned directly to one of his teams.

What is a Team Agent ?

– The Team Agent can see the tickets for which he is responsible and the tickets that are assigned directly to one of his teams.
– The Team Agent can also see all tickets whose leader is in the same team as him.

What is a Global Access Agent ?

– The Global Access Agent can see all tickets.

What is an Administrator ?

– The administrator can see all the tickets.
– The administrator can access the Supervision page and all statistics.
– The administrator can access the Administration page and all the settings of the application.

How to change the avatar of a user ?

To add an avatar to a user, 2 possibilities:
– As administrator, in user management, on the user card.
– As a user, click on the top right to access his profile.