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service dek benefits

Over the last few decades there has been a tremendous increase in software solutions and this has created the need to set up and effectively run a successful service desk. 

In order to analyse the improvement of customer experience through customer support, it is important to clarify the role of this software. It’s not always easy to sum up servicedesk benefits to customer support. 

These tools have had a huge and deep impact on employees but these impacts go a long way to satisfy and retain customers.

What is a service desk?

A service desk is the single point of contact between the service provider and the users. A typical service desk manages service requests and incidents. ServiceDesk thus offers automated IT services. 

« A service desk also marked a break with the old model. With the old help desk, you used to call an 800 number and hope it would call you back in two weeks, if you were lucky »

In the 80s, Helpdesk services focused on IT equipment; dealing with Technical issues, computer breakdowns etc. Today, its main focus is on the User. IT has somehow become a service, hence the concept of ServiceDesk.

Service desk is has therefore become one of the most important departments in IT organizations. 

In 2021 organizations have begun to show more interest in Service desk as worth increases instead of focusing on costs for the following reasons: 

-Emerging of complex technologies.

-Creating added value for customers  

-By providing quality services so as to ensure client security

Help Desk Vs Service Desk

An ideal modern help desk or service center solution should always review objectives based on customer/user feedback in order to solve all IT issues. 

Below are some tips to find out how to select the right help desk or service desk solution for your organization.

Self-service capability ➡️ the software should aim at empowering users to resolve their own issues with a self-service portal so as to reduce the workload on the Service Desk / Help Desk team.

Intuitive Customer Experience ➡️ A new generation of users demand intuitive, easy-to-use products so that they reduce complexity, errors and productivity loss.

Automation ➡️ As the organization is growing, the demands for support also drastically increases, and the solution must be strong enough to meet the growing demands of the business by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Capacity for decisions support ➡️ A large amount of data is already stored in such support systems; a proper analysis of this information can help derive information that can be used to solve complex problems.

 Full-scale knowledge Base ➡️ The software must provide a knowledge base of service request information for future references when resolving incidents.

ITIL compliance The helpdesk must be ITIL compliant. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a library of volumes describing a framework of best practices for delivering IT services. Service is now included in ITIL whose role is standardizing IT Service Delivery (ITSM)

Servicedesk plus does it really help?

There is no doubt that a well-developed help desk platform can improve business client base and increase benefits. Nowadays clients are willing to pay more to get a high service level after sale. However, some detractors will talk about dehumanizing customers services but it’s just the opposite. 

servicedesk benefits

What’s benefits a Premium ServiceDesk provide?

➕ Efficiency 

➕Continuous Experience 🤝

➕Boosted Productivity

➕Problem Resolution 

➕ Better control of Data and IT  Information

Service desk plus increase customer loyalty

Offering customer services at the right time and via the right channel increase the likelihood that customers will come back for more products or services

More efficient call handling

Service helpdesk performance must provide first class services in order to resonate and facilitate life customer.  Clients are willing to pay more to get a high service level

Help Desk in order improve customer experience

Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that if today human intervention is still necessary within the servicedesk, some experts say that this will not be the case in 10 years time. 

In this article, we have covered various desk services benefits, such as: IT desk support as a viable option for (employee and clients) 

Why is this? Is customer first priority of the service desks?

In conclusion, service desk as mentioned earlier, is the first point of contact for most users. The service desk is a first-line support point, but it is also the cornerstone that joins customer and support experiences.

Both users and service desk teams have a vital role in corporate landscapes and there is no reason why this should change in the next couple of years. 

Offering customer services at the right time and via the right channel increase the likelihood that customers will come back for more products or services.

Service helpdesk performance must provide first class services in order to facilitate the life of the customer.  Clients nowadays are willing to pay more to get high and quality services.

It is true that a badly managed service desk will in the next decade, be replaced by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots.

However, experts say that even if a service desk automates many IT functions, it will still provide help, because many users see it as a trusted place to go. 

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