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Ethiopia Webinar

SimplyDesk webinar for Helpdesk, IT asset management and IT asset inventory

September 30,2021 at 10:30 AM (UTC+3) Addis  Abeba

Are you an IT department manager ? Do you want to organize, manage and simplify the tickets issued by your customers? Are you looking for a complete and efficient solution for managing your IT equipment? Join us and subscribe to discover our solution!

What are your needs in terms of «HelpDesk» ?

  • Multi-channel software (tickets by web portal, e-mail and phone)
  • Process your users’ requests and incidents in accordance with service agreements (SLAs)
  • Third-parties contracts management
  • Provide a product catalog or a service catalog to your users
  • Manage knowledge base and provide online support
  • Remote control of PC and Servers
  • Identify time spent on each case
  • Discuss the quality of service with your users (QoS)

In terms of «Asset Management and Network inventory» ?

  • Automatic and agentless inventory of company IT Assets
  • Manage the CMBD, equipment, software and hardware components, maintenance contracts, users, service catalogs, costs, anticipate the replacement of PCs, Servers and Printers, manage the supply of consumables and spare parts.
  • Manage stocks and the supply of consumables and spare parts.
  • Manage licenses and license compliance
  • Update and remotely deploy software
  • Control remotely on PCs and servers in the IT infrastructure

In this webinar you will discover that with SimplyDesk it is easy to receive and process a ticket linked to your IT assets and to manage an asset’s life cycle from start to finish.

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